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  Fractal, art, artwork, image, contemporary, abstract, digital, original, fine, green, purple  
„Tell me and I forget,
Teach me and I may remember,
Involve me and I learn.“
Benjamin Franklin

He is the one we have been waiting for

Sunburned, agitated in eternal and changeable movements, whose creation exists as an archetypal cipher, which for me is crazy and which is all that I would like to be; inscribed in clear language that is read at all times.


  Fractal, art, fall, contemporary, abstract, original, aeon, expressive, eon, chaos, soul mirror  
Aeon fall - Mirror, Fractal art 2021detailed preview studio panels, Milan & Big Print production
Preview Fractal Explorer render

Someone once said: ”Where are we today as creators? Between who we consider ourselves to be or who we really are?”

Marketing is an idiotism if you are not responsible enough to set the time to understand basic axioms.

Who really needs us, and why?


  Sparrow - original natural stone sculpture, terracotta, olive wood and marble, traditional art  
Sparrow stone and terracotta sculpture
  Download PDF of promotional fractals by Milan Dobrojevic, fractal star logo, fine digital catalogue  
Promo selection
Download: PDF-Fractal gallery 48 mb
Fractal Art by Milan Dobrojevic
  Three hardcover books with fractal art prints, 2004 - 2020, high quality contemporary art  
Three hardcover books with fractal art prints, Milan Dobrojevic Vol.1, 2, 3 x 39 artworks
Size A4, one book $ 390, all three books $ 990
Artist signature, Dobrojevic
MILAN DOBROJEVIĆ           •        •        •    
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